Submission Guidelines

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Stories submitted for Relativity must be, naturally, related to the Cousin Universe. We love cross-overs best, but will take stories that deal with one universe, as long as the plot doesn't contradict the known Relativity world.

If you want to introduce a new fandom into Relativity, please check with us first. Some shows work and some don't, though, as you can see, there are very few we haven't been able to fit in somehow. That's how the apocryphal stories were born. If you want to make someone a cousin, you absolutely MUST ask first. We retain complete control over the Michaels family. I know, that sounds power hungry of us, but, hey, it's our little playground....

Keep in mind we do edit for content, as well as grammar, spelling, etc. We only want to help make your story more enjoyable for the rest of us to read. Hopefully we don't hurt too many feelings. Editing is a dirty job and somebody... namely Elaine... has to do it.

We are also a family oriented group. We love romance, but keep it clean. Cousins swear with the best of them, but they usually don't use the big, nasty, "F" word. Mostly, keep them to the language they used in their respective shows and we'll all be happy.

We love hurt/comfort, so you can hurt people all you want, as long as you don't kill anyone you didn't create.

We absolutely will NOT accept slash stories. Sorry, end of discussion!

As far as actual format goes, just cut and paste it in an email and send it to Jill Hargan or Elaine Gustainis.