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Hazards of the Job (1864) Looking back along the family tree, we find General George Hazard. (Relativity V)

Time Don't Run Out on Me* (1912) A time travelers convention on board the Titanic. (Relativity VIII)

All Snug In Their Beds (1934-94) A series of holiday vingettes. (Relativity IV)

One of the Family* (1944, 1987) Wonder Woman has a knack for helping out the Stetson family. (Relativity V)

Choice of the Heart (1948) The story of how Lee's parents eloped. (Relativity V)

Passing the Torch (1953-1994) Some jobs just seem to run in families.... (Relativity IV)

Crossroads (1954) The family is told of Jenny's and Matt's deaths and they go to D.C. for the funeral. (Relativity X)

Just Say No, or Me-OWWW* (1956-57,1987) Jake Michaels, Sr., heads off to New York City for an
adventure. (Relativity III)

Haircut (1960) Uncle Jake punishes Andy for something he didn't do. (Relativity X)

Finale (1961) Murphy Michaels' beginnings. (Relativity I)

Beginnings (1961) How the four principle cousins (Lee Stetson, Murphy Michaels, Andy Travis, and Skip Carmichael)
meet for the very first time. (Relativity I)

There and Back Again (1962) Lee Stetson's second summer at the Michaels ranch. (Relativity I)

Ho, Ho, Ho, Boy! (1962)Sam Beckett leaps into a Holiday. (Relativity IV)

The Meeting (1964) How Rose Foley meets Jake Michaels, Jr. (Relativity I)

Caught in the Crossfire (1964) Rose and Jake, Jr. spend Christmas in Glorieta... and meet
Uncle Jake! (Relativity VI)

The Wedding (1965) Rose and J.J.'s wedding day has a few snags. (Relativity II)

The Parting (1965) Jake, Jr. goes off to war. (Relativity I)

For What it's Worth (1965) Our young cousins get tangled up in a case of espionage with those men
from U.N.C.L.E. (Relativity V)

Blowin' in the Wind (1965) The story of how J.J. died in Viet Nam. (Relativity V)

The Best Laid Plans... (1967) An attempt to get back at Uncle Jake backfires on the boys. (Relativity V)

The Eagle Has Landed (1969)  The family gathers to watch the Apollo 11 moon landing. (Relativity VII)

Rites of Passage (1970) The family gathers at the Beckett farm for a funeral. (Relativity II)

Memorial (1970) Rose erects a memorial to J.J. (Relativity V)

Home is the Wounded Heart (1971) Another funeral, this one at the Michaels ranch in Glorieta. (Relativity II)

Big Cousin/Little Cousin (1971) Lee Stetson visits the ranch during a break from college. (Relativity I)

The Case of the Jamestown Weed (1972) Lee, back at the ranch after another attempt at higher
education, learns some interesting botanical facts. (Relativity I)

Trading Secrets (1972) Lee Stetson and Murphy Michaels help Lee's uncle with a small problem. (Relativity I)

Das Deutche Scarecrow Cuckoo (1974) Lee, now with the Agency, gets some help on an assignment
from his cousin Murphy. (Relativity III)

A Friend in Need (1975) Tragedy strikes the Carmichael family. (Relativity I)

Dream's End (1977) Skip Carmichael and NASA part company. (Relativity III)

Too Little, Too Late (1978) Murphy's family suffers a loss. (Relativity IV)

Cleveland Rocks (1980) Lee's security clearance is pulled due to a plot that involves hogs and
Les Nessman. (Relativity IX)

Linguistics 101 (1980) Sam makes a friend on a study trip to Egypt. (Relativity IX)

Requiem (1980) Lee goes to Glorieta to fulfill a family obligation. (Relativity I)

Emily and Mrs. King (1983) Amanda takes Emily Farnsworth on a tour of D.C.(Relativity IX)

Reunion (1984) Lee Stetson takes Amanda King to the Michaels Family reunion, and complications
ensue. (The original Cousins story, which started it all) (Relativity I)

Nephew (1984) Murphy's newest case uncovers a family skeleton. (Relativity V)

Loose Ends (1984) New cousin, Dinh, gets everything figured out. (Relativity V)

A Member of the Family (1984) Amanda calls on Lee's cousin Murphy for help when an assignment goes
wrong in Denver. (Relativity I)

The Neighborhood (1984) Amanda's neighbor can't figure out what's going on at the King house. (Relativity VIII)

Messages (1984) Lee's answering machine requires his attention. (Relativity VIII)

Made of Steele (1985) Remington Steele discovers something about his past-- or does he? (Relativity III)

Murphy's Steele (1985) Murphy returns to Los Angeles to tie up some loose ends. (Relativity II)

Second Chances (1985) Amanda gets a haircut - with some interesting results. (Relativity VI)

The Assignment (1985) Amanda's first solo assignment plays havoc with Lee's nerves. (Relativity VIII)

Reunion II:  Get Me To The Church On Time (1985) Murphy's wedding at the reunion runs into
some unexpected complications. (Relativity III)

The First Time (1985) Nicky visits his father's grave. (Relativity V)

Nightmare (1985) Further adventures of Amanda and Lee at the Agency. (Relativity II)

Home For Christmas... Steele Style (1985) Remington Steele and Caitlin O'Connor invent a few
holiday traditions. (Relativity III)

Circle of Life (1986) Jeffers and Mickey have an unpleasant task. (Relativity V)

Advance to Steele (1986) Laura and Remington play Monopoly to solve a case. (Relativity VII)

The Case of the Burgled Vending Machine (1986) Scott McCall helps his cousin, Alister Carmichael
(known in the business as Alan Hunter) solve a small problem. (Relativity I)

Steele Worker on the Line (1986) Laura and Remington fly to Denver to help Murphy and his wife
with a sticky problem. (Relativity III)

All Fall Down (1986) Lee has to deal with the results of a mission gone bad. (Relativity IX)

Reunion III:  It's Steele A Small World, Murphy (1986) The Michaels family reunion runs into
complications at Disneyland. (Relativity II)

Wrong Assumptions (1986) Lee and Amanda work a few things out. (Relativity III)

Dinner and a Very Special Bottle of Wine (1986)Lee and Amanda get a few things out in the open. (Relativity VIII)

The Necklace (1986) The importance of the necklace Amanda wears in Nightcrawler. (Relativity VIII)

Nightcrawler Scene Fillers (1986) Fill in the blanks for the episode. (Relativity VIII)

The Power of Love (1986) Lee has to save Amanda from the clutches of Addy Birol. (Relativity VII)

The "I Don't Want to Spoil the Party" Affair (1986) Nicky's 21st birthday party. (Relativity V)

Birthday (1987) Lee surprises Amanda on her birthday. (Relativity VIII)

The Empty Hours (1987) Lee waits for word after Amanda is shot on their honeymoon. (Relativity X)

A Little Piece of Luck (1987) Skip misplaces a memento. (Relativity II)

Always Somethin' There To Remind Me (1987) A ski trip to Aspen doesn't work out quite as planned
for Skip, Lee, and Murphy. (Relativity II)

An Announcement (1987) Lee and Amanda finally tell all. (Relativity V)

Reunion IV:  Lost, But Steele Found (1987) Another ski trip turns complicated. (Relativity IV)

Rock-A-Bye (1988) Andy gets some unexpected news. (Relativity I)

The Accident (1988) Amanda and Lee argue, then a crisis happens. (Relativity VIII)

Reunion V:  New Beginnings (1988) Lee and Amanda make a start on their future, while
McCall and Rose get into some trouble of their own. (Relativity VI)

And the Results Are... (1988) Lee and Amanda get their own glad tidings. (Relativity V)

Meeting in the Middle (1988) Lee and Amanda have an argument about Christmas presents. (Relativity IV)

Moving Day (1989) The Stetsons buy a house. (Relativity III)

Legacy (1989) Lee gives a very special gift to his new daughter. (Relativity IV)

Empty Rooms (1989) Lee gets a scare that strikes too close to home. (Relativity VIII)

Reunion VI: Murphy's Law (1989) Murphy and Sherry deal with bad news. (Relativity VIII)

Rebuttal I to Reunion VI: What Happened to Lee? (1989) So what did happen to Lee? (Relativity IX)

Rebuttal II to Reunion VI: Hey, What About Jenny? (1989) Okay, okay, I get the picture.... (Relativity IX)

The Watch (1990) Nicky is kidnaped in Scott's place. (Relativity V)

Round Robin Cousins* (1990) What can a bunch of authors do to the family when they least expect it? (Relativity X)

It's Not Steeling, It's Borrowing (1990) A pregnant Laura is kidnaped. (Relativity VI)

Reunion VII: Flying is Still the Safest Way to Travel (1990) Skip and the boys have a close encounter of the X-Files kind while exploring Navajo ruins. Can you say government conspiracy? (Relativity X)

Unspoken Sacrifices (1990) Andy and Cait find out they're expecting twins, but it takes some
adjustments. (Relativity VI)

Steele Secrets (1990) Someone from Steele's past tries to use Laura and the kids to force Remington's hand. (Relativity X)

We Gather Together (1990) The cousins gather for Thanksgiving. (Relativity II)

A New Steele in the Family (1990) Katie Laura Steele meets her new brother. (Relativity IV)

Panic in the Skies (1991) A crisis on a airplane with the Stetson family. (Relativity VII)

The Play's the Thing* (1991) The Ghostbusters remove a troubled spirit  from the ranch. (Relativity VII)

Blue Moon* (1993) An encounter with a seal outside Cicely, Alaska has some unexpected
consequences for Russell Michaels. (Relativity IV)

Michaels By Moonlight* (1993) Further adventures of Russell Michaels. (Relativity II)

Moondance* (1993) Things get complicated when Russell visits his sister, Randi Wallace Michaels,
in Malibu. (Relativity III)

The Wolf Claw Medallion Mystery* (1994) Randi Wallace Michaels and her fiance, Ian Matheson,
visit the Michaels ranch. (Relativity IV)

Shake, Rattle & Steele (1994) The Northridge earthquake - Steele style. (Relativity V)

The Past is Steele With Us (1994) An unpleasant part of Caitlin O'Connor Travis' past rears its
head again. (Relativity I)

So Long, Farewell (1994) Andy Travis departs from WKRP. (Relativity IV)

The Letter (1994) Caitlin Travis makes an unexpected find in the attic of the Michaels ranch. (Relativity II)

Weekend Getaway (1994) Lee and Amanda need some time alone. (Relativity VI)

Family (1994) Sam Beckett pays a visit to the Michaels ranch. (Relativity IV)

Oh, No, We've Created A.... (1995) Jefferson and Mickey Carmichael reflect on their family
connections. (Relativity I)

Echoes of the Past (1995) Lee and Amanda's marriage hits a rocky spot. (Relativity III)

A Theme for Lia (1995) Scott McCall's visit to Los Angeles is a little more exciting than he'd
planned. (Relativity III)

Birthright (1995) Yet another cousin is welcomed to the family. (Relativity III)

Odd Men Out Dinh gives Buddy some family survival tips. (Relativity V)

Brothers (1995) Nicky and Buddy face up to the past. (Relativity VI)

Homecoming (1995)  Buddy and Rivka return to Boston together after the reunion. (Relativity VI)

By the Light of the Moon* (1995) Lois and Clark go camping with Clark's childhood friends. (Relativity IV)

To the Stars* Lois & Clark have to rescue Harry Broderick. (Relativity V)

Reality Check* (1995) Andy & Cait take in a movie. (Relativity V)

The Ghost of Jacob Marley Michaels* (1995) Uncle Jake isn't resting peacefully. (Relativity V)

Politically Correct* (1995, 2995) Life can be complicated for Jason Michaels of the Time Patrol. (Relativity III)

Bay City Baby Blues (1996) Nick Michaels and his wife, Yvette, run into an unexpected storm
outside Bay City, IL. (Relativity III)

Quarantine (1996) Chicken pox hit the Stetson house. (Relativity VIII)

Steele Like Old Times (1996) Remington Steele and Cass Winthrop stage a little reunion of their
own in Boston. (Relativity IV)

Reversal of Fate (1996)  Sam leaps to save Frankie from the death the AW writers gave her. (Relativity VI)

I Steele Don't Like You (1997) Mildred's gentleman friend is in trouble in ski country. (Relativity VIII)

The Sign of the Wolf Claw*(1996) Lots of paranormal investigators are looking for a werewolf. (Relativity VI)

A Walk On the Moon* (1997) Skip gets the chance for one more walk on the moon,
thanks to Harry and his good friend, "The Doctor," with a little help from a Stargate. (Relativity X)

The Anniversary (1997) Their 10th anniversary brings up some ghosts from the past for Amanda. (Relativity VI)

Mystery at Neewatoree Falls*(1997) Lois & Clark solve a mystery for Harry & Skip. (Relativity VI)

Steele Accountable (1997) A hit & run and case of mistaken identity. (Relativity V)

The Wolf Claw Medallion Interlude I*(1998) Buffy and the gang help look for the cure for
"were"ness. (Relativity VII)

Michaels' Peak (1998) Don't let the Michaels family have a reunion in your home town. (Relativity X)

Home is Where The Heart Is (1998) Sam Beckett leaps into this guy named Andy, and wonders why
everybody looks so familiar....(Relativity III)

A Time To Heal (1998) Lee and his family spend Thanksgiving with his uncle, Colonel Stetson. (Relativity IV)

Amber Waves of Grain (1998) A strange plot to kidnap Skip in the middle of nowhere. (Relativity VII)

Michaels' Edition (1999) For some reason, a Michaels get together lacks all the usual trouble. (Relativity IX)

Downtime (1999) Al Calavicci runs into an old friend at an airport. (Relativity III)

The Wolf Claw Medallion Interlude II* (1999) Another episode with Buffy and the Slayerettes
helping Randi and Ian. (Relativity VIII)

Mistaken Steele (2000) Kidnappers go after Remington Steele's son, Brian. (Relativity II)

Murphy and the Brain (2000) Sam Beckett leaps into an ace news reporter, who goes to work at FYI. (Relativity III)

Photographs and Memories (2000) Christmas at Project Quantum Leap. (Relativity IV)

Steele on Target (2001) Try to avoid last minute errands, especially when the store is being robbed. (Relativity X)

You're Steele My Little Girl (2004) Remington's daughter makes a trip to Stanford her senior
year. (Relativity IV)

Taps (2005) The death of Colonel Stetson. (Relativity V)

Watching and Waiting (2006) Jenny Stetson goes out on a date... and Lee worries. (Relativity VI)

Merry Christmas, Brian (2010) On his way to Denver for Christmas, Brian Steele runs into trouble. (Relativity VI)

Letting Go (2012) Lee's daughter, Jenny, is getting married. (Relativity IV)

Solomon's Wisdom (2014) Murphy Michaels and Remington Steele are new grandfathers-- but what
will their children name their new grandson?. (Relativity IV)

Steele Mixing Business With Pleasure (2020) Brian Steele meets Charlie Winthrop. (Relativity VII)

Distant Connections* (Stardate 2423) Tom Paris finds his roots... with a little help from a
friendly alien entity. (Relativity VI)

The Fate of the Wolf Claw* (Stardate 2423) Chekotay uses a family heirloom to save Captain
Janeway. (Relativity VI)

Tag*(Stardate 2423) Can Paris, Janeway and Chakotay really be... cousins? (Relativity VI)

Reunion CCCXII* (Stardate 51362.8 or 82631.5?) The tradition of the Michaels family reunion is
still going strong....(Relativity IV)

Reunion... NOT!* (The Year:  2261) The Starship Harem heads to Babylon 5 for a
little R & R. (Relativity VI)

Section Zero* (What Does the Year Really Matter?) Just an ordinary get day for the California
Crew and their "cousins." (Relativity IX)

* Indicates an "apocryphal" story, which may or may not fit in the "normal" Cousins universe